Queen of the Keys

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Mama Erma Pepe constantly played late 50s Top 40 and Mary Beth heard it in the womb, she’s been hooked on music ever since!


At age 7 Mary Beth saw a blue-sparkled drum set while peeking in on a neighborhood band practicing rock and roll staples- it was love at first sight.

Uncle Angelo taught Mary Beth her first guitar chords. WMCA “Good Guys” playlists inspired her musically while Judy Garland shaped her vocal style.


A natural musician, Mary Beth got her start in 1969 as a drummer in a garage band with Billy Falcon (later a writer for Bon Jovi).

During the 70s Mary Beth paid her dues as a guitarist, drummer and arranger for community theater.


Mary Beth began writing and recording professionally in the early 80s, appearing on television and radio.

In the 1990s Mary Beth presented an homage to her formative influences by creating ‘Songs In The Key Of Love,’ a cabaret show featured at Don’t Tell Mama’s, The Duplex, and Town Hall.


A certified music therapist, Mary Beth also dedicates her life to the healing aspects of music and performance for mentally challenged individuals. This passion brought her to The Living Museum and eventually the formation of DSM5.

In addition to songwriting and band leading in DSM5 well into the millennium, Mary Beth continues to perform in venues throughout New York City and Long Island.


“Music is medicine,” Mary Beth says. “It’s the one thing that’s truly healing and unites the world. Just like that one perfect pop song does, whether you hear it in Montana or Brooklyn, New York. We want to move you!”