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Sigmund Freud was right when he shouted this to his dog upon hearing an acetate pressing of DSM5’s 2012 album delivered to him by Thomas Edison and bedeviled bluesman Robert Johnson by time machine, magic and alien abduction.


The three disparate dignitaries danced all night, frugging and shimmying to the psyched out sounds of this millennium’s answer to anti-psychotic drugs. Now, after the Holocaust and the hell of Hair Metal comes a beaty, bouncy balm for the bummed out and a rock and roll remedy for all of society’s ills- DSM5 INSANITY NEVER SOUNDED SO GOOD! Available on cdbaby, iTunes and Amazon.


Tucked into the cardboard sleeve of Bob and Tommy’s gift to Siggy, inventive genius meeting psychoanalysis at “The Crossroads,” wedged between a Trojan condom and a ten-dollar bill was this track listing and commentary on the writing and recording process recounted from a fevered dream of Issa Ibrahim…read on and let the prescience BLOW YOUR MIND!!!



Finally Gone- Being a former mental patient released into a world of the displaced, re-experiencing homeless mentally ill in the subway while similarly desperate strangers serenade them as they sleep, I felt compelled to chronicle the failure of a bankrupt system and my own fear and frustration.

Shock Value- One of many co-writes with Mary Beth Pepe, this one featuring the demise of a dysfunctional relationship.

Someone To Save Me- Featuring Erin Armstrong on co-lead vocal. My attempt at writing a George Jones/Tammy Wynette duet suddenly goes Sid & Nancy. Mary Beth provided the drama with the double modulations.

Somewhere/Nowhere- A song for the hero in all of us. Me, being a comic book fan, I enjoyed writing this as did Mary Beth who has nursed a crush on George Reeves since her childhood.

Shining Down On Me- This haunting number was written on guitar toward the end of my 20-year hospitalization as a cautious ray of hope. Featuring Hyera Kim on Piano. Many thanks also to Spiros Arnakis for the inspired drumming on this and the previous four songs.


D.W.B.- co-written with actor/artist Susan Spangenberg. She envisioned a cinematic 70s car chase and I ran with it.

Christmas in Creedmoor- Filled with in-jokey jargon, this tune should be played at x-mas parties in psych hospitals the world over.

I’m A Living Museum- A loving ode to the place of the band’s birth.

Been So Long- Mary Beth and I wrote this once we were sold on the idea of recruiting, in her words, ‘a hot chick singer.’ Erin more than fills that role.

DSM5- The band’s eponymous anthem, co-written with Tim Noe, conveying the band chanting out of the studio out into the streets- ‘We will survive!’


This record was graciously funded with the help of Patricia Nolan, Cathy Sharkey and Creedmoor Psychiatric Center’s Department of Rehabilitation. A kinder Mafiosi uncle you could never find.


Like two distinct directors interpreting the same film with different yet equally dazzling results, Ben Harson meticulously constructs note-perfect pop on the CD’s ‘Right Side of the Brain’. On the ‘Left Side,’ Oliver Hoffmann takes home-spun ‘glorified demos’ and imbues the raw data with necessary polish while solidifying it’s naïve low-fi charm.


Sofie Hodara worked tirelessly with me to create a compelling and clever design for the CD cover and layout. Somebody give this girl a job!


The CD was recorded in Creedmoor’s Living Museum and my bathroom.

Philip Velazquez, Timothy Quinton and Harold Hanna rocked the joint.

Janos Marton brewed the tea and kept the good vibes flowing.

Joey the cat marked his territory.

John Tursi was there in spirit.”